Finding Open Parking Spots

Using ML to locate open parking spots.
Smart parking with notifications when parking spots open.

The Project

The core of our project is our deep learning model using OpenCV. Our deep learning model is able to identify the difference from a vacant parking spot, and a filled one. Our model edits the original photo/video so that it shows which spots are open by highlighting them green. Scroll below to see the model in action.

Our smart parking system will send a user a notifcation via email of when a parking spot opens in their desired parking spot. This feature integrates a location finder and a database of parking spots. A user can enter their name, email, and parking lot, and when a spot opens they will be notified. The code for this function is ready, but the feature is more proof of concept becuase we do not have much acces to live footage , however if given this footage, we would easily be able to implement our existing code to get it fully functioning with the feed.

Open Parking Spaces

Here is a camera that is hooked up to our model. Here is our model working on footage from a camera. When we pair with cameras we display the original feed, and then next to it we can display our segmented image with the open spots highlighted green.

On the left we have the true video, and the right is the live updating open spots

Raw Feed Updated Feed

The model working on a single frame from the video

On the left we have the orignal frame, and on the right is the processed frame

Single Frame Single Frame

The Future

Our Program is built to help communities and we will work with city planners and businesses in order to implement our model with live, real time footage. Once we gain access to more and more footage we will be able to display open parking spots in a number of locations.


Meet our team

Shafin Haque

Fullstack, Model Developer

Sophomore in High School

Yousuf Zaman


Junior in High School

Henrik Zhang


Junior in High School

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the model work?

    Our model first breaks down the individual parking spots of a parking lot. From here we distinguish filled spots from non filled spots. After we are able to recognize the difference, we highlight the open spots in green, editing the oringal photo or video.

  • Currently, our code only works for parking lots in a large majority of the Bay Area. However, as we progress we will be able to collect more data from other locations and analyze their parking lots.

  • You will be able to find and be notified of open parking spaces in the parking lot you have chosen as soon as they are available. Thus, saving you time and money, because you will not waste gas looking for a spot, and our database only contains free parking spots so you don't have to pay for any pesky parking fees.


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